jonathan sarosiek Named Director of Tennis

8 May

At the Wintergreen resort and spa in Wintergreen, Virginia we have a new director of Tennis. Sir Jonathon Sarosiek is proud to take the role after being employed by the tennis resort for the last 7 years which has 22 courts and sits on top of the mountain range.

When it comes to ranking the best tennis clubs in America Wintergreen has been consistently ranked in the top fifty for the last ten years and running by Tennis Magazine as well as “The Tennis Resort Online” publication.

While at the resort Jon Sarosiek has been serving as the vice president and director of tennis operations on the stoney creek courts.

Providing excellent service and top notch facilities is one of the many reasons why the spring and summer seasons has Wintergreen completely packed. Check out the official site today.

Dr. Robert Carlson Sarasota FL

7 May

Dr. Robert Calrson of Sarasota FL is a well respected heart surgeon. He is working on a book about losing weight while staving off those sugar cravings which in many cases lead to obesity. Since it is rather complicated sugar cravings and addiction is usually created by high levels of stress, emotional issues, being bored in the middle of the day, a quick giddy up and often results from psychological serotonin levels that are suppressed.

When sugars & refined carbs. are broken down & converted into fructose in your body, your brain ends up releasing large amounts of serotonin and beta-endorphins thus further complicating things that only the best physicians and surgeons would be able to study and find a feasible cure for.

Doctor Robert G. Carlson’ Advice 

When your brain is releasing serotonin you end up producing a nirvana or ecstasy like feeling from the sugar rush. What that means is it feels great for a bit and than you crash and feel irritable and end up dragged down from the previous sugar high.

When you have too low a level of serotonin in your brain you create a desire for sugar and when you don’t have your craving your moods start to change and this is one of many factors that leads to excess eating and overweight disorders.

Since the overall side affects can be very detriminental to your aging and health it is of the utmost importance for Doctors like Robert Carlson to help fix these issues.

Luiz Henrique Soares

22 Dec

luiz henrique valente soaresBy now everybody must have heard about what an amazing player Luiz Henrique Valente Soares is. He has done so much in such little time. He even gives back to the community when he can. From donations to hanging out with his fans, he is always helping out. We would just like to give praise and thanks to our fellow comrade. Thank you Luiz for always looking after your fans and putting a smile on their face. Most of all thank you for being the best baseball player we have seen in a long long time.

Mark Chappell – Awards and Achievements

7 Jun

Since the days of working as a pastor in California’s inner city, Mark Chappell has received many awards and recognition for work both in his own town and those that he has touched. As a senior in college Mark was given the Outstanding Preacher’s award and from there he went on to receive 2 honorary doctorates and an award for his commitment to Operation Hope. He has also been recognized for his part in restoring the city after the Rodney King riots in 1992 from the Long Beach Police Officer’s Association and recognition for his role in helping to establish churches in and outside of the country.

Mark has been involved in many projects in the areas where he previously worked. When he worked in Long Beach he was president and COO of Operation Hope, an organization which aimed at alleviating the effects of poverty through education. This was a task he took to heart and he began giving seminars on owning a home, as well as debt counseling. In 1998 he helped the First Baptist Church to rise to great heights, being listed in the Top 20 churches due to their 818 baptisms that year. School attendance in the area tripled and standardized achievement tests reflected this with children in these schools achieving 2 years ahead of the public schools in the area.

Today, Mark Chappell works as a senior pastor for the Freeway Baptist Church in Phoenix, Arizona. He leads services as well as helping his church and the community by conducting baptisms, weddings and funerals, visiting the sick and keeping up with administrative duties, such as overseeing his staff and developing curriculum and training. He also continues to offer support to families in the area.